Wash Day Is Beautiful


As I was removing a load of laundry from the clothesline, it occurred to me that I haven’t shared with you the awesomeness of the clothesline. We’ve been making homemade laundry detergent for a couple of years and it only seemed right that we should try the clothesline.

Clothesline with partial shade. Hubby was working on a project and needed temporary shade. The clothespin bag at the end was a Martha Stewart bag that had a Christmas ham inside. Seriously! It was the perfect size and hubby ran a wire hanger through to keep it open to receive clothespins.

We installed a retractable clothesline similar to this one at the top of the fence. The line can then be drawn down the side of the house to a hook near the gate (preferred) or the opposite way to a hook on a patio cover post. What’s really great is that the clothesline is low so our neighbors can’t see it (HOA/complaint avoidance – just in case 😉 ) and it is retractable so we can put it away.

I can honestly say that hanging clothes on the line is just as easy as throwing in the dryer and in fact, the summer sun dries the clothes faster than the dryer. It’s true! Our whites have never looked so white and I haven’t had any trouble with fading brights or darks. We do have a little bit of shade so I do try to hang brights and darks on the shaded part of the line. Hubby thinks the clothes are actually easier to fold. Now, I will admit that towels and sheets are not as “soft,” but we got used to it quickly and I actually prefer the fresh, clean smell over the softness. The towels seem to absorb better without all the chemicals added to make it soft. Not to mention the cost savings of using free sunshine. Did I mention it’s pretty? It reminds me of the streets in Europe where they still hang their clothes across the line and people stop to take a photo.


Since I didn’t grow up using a clothesline, I did have to look up the proper way to hang items. Yes, there is a proper way: pin at at the hems and not the shoulders, hang pants by the waistband, hang socks by the toes. There are many tutorials on the Internet. Try it out and let me know what you think; skies are clear and warm this week.