Juneau ~ Juno ~ Junebug ~ JuJu-B

Meet my little pup, Juno.  Those eyes did it.  When I saw her looking at me I knew I was going to bring her home.  She was eight weeks old and the last one of the litter.



This little pup is smart, inquisitive, confident, sweet, and definitely a mind of her own.  I’ve read all Siberian Huskies have these traits so when she looks at me and continues to run away from me, I tell myself she’s not only a puppy, but she’s a husky.  And huskies love to run!

IMG_7553She’s growing so fast!


We’ve got a nice little routine going.  She gets me up early, I let her out, feed her, and then we go back to bed until the sun comes up.  We have tea, let the chickens out, and then at about 10:00 a.m. she cannot take it anymore and begs for me to take her to the dog park.  I call Juno the princess of the park.  When she arrives, her friends greet her at the gate ready to run.  Preferring to play in the “big dog” area of the park (or maybe she thinks she’s a “big dog”), she has no problem taunting the larger dogs to chase her.  The humans all agree that she is one confident girl.  She loves all dogs and will give each one a play pose until they play with her.  There are her favorites playmates and she usually leaves the park tired, happy and muddy.

IMG_7897What’s amazing is that within a hour or two, she is completely white again with no sign of mud.  This little girl’s silky and soft fur is like a non-stick pan and she cleans herself like a cat.  Also a husky trait.

People ask me all the time if she’s a white German Shepard.  You know, I just don’t know. I’m told she’s a purebred white husky and I have pictures of her husky parents, but who really knows?  She could have some German Shepard in her.  She has short hair for a typical husky, but huskies can have short, medium or long hair.  She does sometimes look like a white Shepard.  But she definitely looks like her mom, who is a pure white husky with those beautiful blue eyes.

She’s smart and catches on very quickly, mastering “sit,” “down,” “up,” look at “me,” “bed,” “wait,” “leave it,” “touch,” and about 75% of the time “come.”  Her prey drive is so strong that if there’s a bird to chase or another dog to play with, she will not “come” easily.  We are working on that.

Huskies are happiest when they are working, which means  weights and pulling.  When she’s a little bigger she’ll start wearing a weighted pack and I’d love to buy a Terra Trike so she can pull me on the trails.  We don’t have enough snow for sledding but pulling a three-wheeled bike would be ideal here.  Next commands to learn “Gee” for right, “Haw” for left and “Hike” for get going.


This five-month-old beauty is quite something.  Warm and loving and my constant companion.

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