Tattler Lid Review

I read about Tattler reusable canning lids a couple of years ago. The lids are guaranteed to last a lifetime, BPA free, indefinitely reusable, made in the USA…what’s not to love? I finally got around to trying them out when I made salsa this week. After brushing up on the directions, I was impressed! I had no sealing failures and every jar of salsa sealed beautifully.

photo 2Passing on one of the tips: when you screw the band on finger-tight, you back off the band about 1/4 turn. I was concerned when I put the jars in the water bath canner, thinking that the bands were too loose as they rattled. Then, when you pull the jars out, tighten the band finger-tight while the jars cool. I trusted the info. and it worked perfectly. Each jar was sealed without a hitch.

No more purchasing disposable lids for my canning. Just like canning jars, its an investment at first, but worth the cost. Every once in a while Tattler has a sale, so join their Facebook page to get notifications.

Recommend: Absolutely
Easy to Use: Yes

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