Sunbathing Chickens

The first time I saw my baby Bella look like this, I just about had a heart attack. What could be wrong?


Well, it turns out that chickens like to sunbathe. Bella, in particular, is a sun worshipper. She plops down on her side to spread her wing out. She still keeps an eye on what the other’s are doing so she can jump up at a moment’s notice to join in the activities. One second she’s running around and the next second she’s sunbathing (even on my arm).


Three weeks old. Feather’s are growing in very quickly.

IMG_6640Sleeping babies outside in the run.


In the run during the day for a few hours and I bring them inside in the late afternoon for the night. Not quite old enough to stay outside at night. Maybe next week. I did catch them all taking a nap inside the hen house this afternoon so that is a really good sign.

This is sweet Annabelle preening her new feathers. She likes to burrow into the crook of my arm to doze. I imagine she would do the same under her mama’s wing.


I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart, but it has been really easy to see the differences. Distinctive personalities and looks. I won’t know if I have any roosters for a while.

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