Dehydrator Madness

apples wm

It’s a dehydrator. It’s not a puppy. This is what I keep telling myself as I lay awake at night trying to come up with a really great nickname for my new Excalibur dehydrator. This baby works like a dream.

To date, I’ve experimented with:

Lemons – Sliced up thinly, I store in a mason jar and add a slice to my iced water for a refreshing beverage. Put a few through my blender and now I always have lemon zest on hand.

Oranges – Same thing as with the lemons.

Bananas – A mason jar full of dried bananas does not last long on my counter.

Apples – By far a favorite of the family to date. I’d like to try a pie with the slices but they don’t last long enough. Slice the apples and place in a bowl of water and 1/4 cup of lemon juice while you’re slicing the rest of the lemons. This will keep them from turning brown. Store in a mason jar in the refrigerator for a little extra crispness. Awesome healthy alternative snack!

Mixed Frozen Vegetables – I read that frozen veggies are great in the dehydrator and there is no prep to the veggies since they were prepared prior to freezing. So, I bought a 5 lb. bag of mixed veggies on sale and loaded up the trays. Five pounds dried down to 1 1/8 qt. mason jar. Amazing! I rehydrated as a test and it took about 20 minutes. The corn was the last to plump up and was a little tough, but I’m told the dried veggies are terrific to add to a soup. A great solution if you have limited freezer space.

Frozen Veggies

Croutons/Bread Crumbs – Leftover herb bread from the bread machine makes terrific croutons.

Kale – Mixed with a little olive oil and sea salt. Family didn’t like them, but the dog loved them. I throw on the floor for her like popcorn.

Beets – Dried into beautiful chips. Still sweet and earthy tasting. I need to experiment with this one a little more. I think sea salt may be the ticket.

Bagel Chips – Another yummy treat that I will make again.

Kiwi – I had a bunch of kiwi in my CSA farmer’s box. More than we could eat so into the dehydrator it went.

So, so happy with my purchase. I know it’s something I’ll use for years to come. Nickname suggestions anyone?

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