Dragon Fruit

Yesterday we went to 99 Ranch Market to buy oysters for the BBQ. As I was browsing through the produce I saw this crazy looking…something…I wasn’t really sure what it was. It was interesting looking: bright, pretty and about the size of a softball. A fruit I imagined, but what kind of fruit? The sign was labeled Dragon Fruit and I remembered that I had recently seen a Dragon Fruit plant for sale at Lowe’s. The tag at Lowe’s said it is a super fruit – antioxidants, vitamin C and low in calories. A cactus-like plant.

Seeing the Dragon Fruit in person peeked my curiosity and I had to purchase it. We brought it home and I looked it up to see how to cut and eat this Dragon Fruit. The whole family gathered around as I cut it open. What a beauty!

I scooped out the inside of the Dragon Fruit and then diced it up and placed it back inside the “bowl” of the fruit like I had seen in articles on the Internet.

The flesh is soft, bland and just slightly sweet. It smells like a plant. The seeds are very crunchy but easy to chew. It reminded us all of kiwi. I think it would make a nice addition to a fruit salad. Definitely a show stopper in the color and contrast. I may buy it again to add to a salad, but I’m not running down to Lowe’s to purchase the plant for the garden.

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