Tussie Mussie

Here’s a little tussie mussie I made last year for my Circle of Friends at our annual holiday dinner.  Loved how the rosette turned out. I made the rosette by hand, so I was thrilled to see that Tim Holtz came out with a new die cut.  Now I can make them to my heart’s content!  I bought my die cut at Inspiration Emporium.  Each girlfriend had a tussie mussie with her initial on it and I hung them on the back of her chair with a few goodies tucked inside.

12×12 paper folded into cones.  To keep shape while glueing, I used wooded clothespins.  Vine ribbon glued along top.  Made rosette and adhered to glittered star ornament.  Red background circle behind the snowflake and glued all together. Hung glittered letters from star and a red glass dangled out the bottom. (I used a pipe cleaner to thread through the bottom tiny hole with a large jump ring for the glass dangle.)

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